Auto Tune

two videos in a row!  I must be busy lol.

Here’s an early Christmas present for you.


Don’t you want a tiny monkey to cook you smores?


Working Together

I read this week that scientific studies show how people working together in co-operation makes them feel better about themselves, their team/group and the goal/task/project.  This video shows how one school group improved their school by tackling a large task and having  a great time!  I bet you smile!

Healthcare Matters

The debate over how to reform helathcare in the United States is evoking a lot of different opinions and emotions.  Over all of the noise we have got to know that the state of national healthcare really does matter.  It doesn’t matter to me how it is fixed, it just needs to be taken care of for the overall health of this country.

This video from TED explains why I think this way.  It’s not a partisan political issue as much as it is an issue of America being able to contribute to the world in a beneficial way.  The second to last chart about the emergence of China simultaneous to American stagnation is amazing.

Fly Advertising Strategy

A company at a convention in Germany has thought up the most remarkable advertising campaign I have ever seen.  Amazing creativity!

Not even chocolate covered bacon?

When I went to Houston in 2002 I got to attend Joel Osteen’s little church.  I wanted to go because I was so impressed with Osteen’s hand motions while he preached.  He is so efficient and purposeful in his gesturing.  His theology, on the other hand, is straight whack.

Here’s the best little clip of his that I have ever seen:

I guess there won’t be much demand for bacon burgers at the next church picnic…

Safety Christians

Francis Chan is doing such a great job of challenging me lately.  Check the latest:


This is a video clip from a conference called Catalyst that is held in Atlanta every year.  There’s a ton of young church leaders that attend, so it’s pretty culturally influential in American Christianity.  This video explains why my family sponsors a Compasison child – his name is Emroit Norbert and he likes to wear his socks up high just like me and LJ.

little disclaimer: I wouldn’t watch this at work.  It’ll break you.  For sure.