The Cavaliers at the mid-season

Of course, I don’t blog in ages, and then I return this this meaningful post 🙂

My beloved, for now,  Cleveland Cavaliers are struggling. This is a hillarious statement. When all three of their stars, James, Irving and Love are healthy and playing they are undefeated with the exception of when they play teams named Warriors or Spurs…um…or Bulls. They will win the Eastern conference without even noticing and their real season will start in the Finals.

Lebron James will go to his 6th straight finals.

However, right now they are struggling and I think that is primarily due to the coaching staff not properly utilizing their players, namely, Kevin Love. I’m not the biggest Kevin Love supporter and I have no rational reason for this at all, except he has replaced that place in my heart that Chris Bosh used to be in – so I will only love him when he is nailing three pointers to save Lebron’s legacy in important play off games. Since I imagine that Tyronn Lue regularly reads my blog (with all the narcissism that blogging requires), I will below list the best way forward for the Cavs. And, because my blogging platform now allows polls, you can vote for your favorite!

  1. Trade Kevin Love. This is the worst option.  Love is a really solid player, top 100 all time and a major contributer to this team. The only way they could really trade him is if they got a lock down defender (which nobody is giving up), or if they got Kyle Korver and some draft picks, which Atlanta won’t give up. Getting rid of Love also screws with team chemistry and it seems Lebron is a little more sensitive to this than most superstars.
  2. Trade Mosgov and Tristan Thompson. If they were to trade both of these guys together they could pick up whoever in the league is best at “guarding” Curry. He is the guy that they need to stop to win a championship and Mosgov and Thompson aren’t helping do that. I doubt this will happen because Blatt is close to Mosgov and Thompson shares an agent with Lebron. Still, getting rid of one of these guys for a Korver-level shooter or a lock down defender would be a good move. Plus, if you kept at least one it’s like an insurance policy in case the Spurs beat the Warriors in the West Finals and you need to stop West/Diaw, Aldridge and Duncan, who will all be on the floor at the same time.
  3. Change the starting line up so that Love is your center, and Varejao is the back up. Love is terrible at playing perimeter defense so he needs to be hidden against the Warriors and moving him to the 5 can do just that. Ultimately, this would be a copy of the old Phoenix Suns under Steve Nash. The difference would be that the role of Nash is being played by Irving and Lebron together which could be even more effective. Moving Love to center and making him an interior presence would get him more and better touches on offense. He would be in a position to best contribute and feel a part of the team’s success. Then, in key situations you can pull him out to the three to drain shots, but this would be an addition, not the main drive of Love’s offensive game. This would also bury the struggling Mosgov and one dimensional Thompson down the bench. They would get their minutes as fill in when the games are out of reach. The new starting line-up would be Irving, JR Smith, Shumpert, Lebron, Love.
  4. Just take a run at it this year and then next year really load up. The Cavs could be an excellent destination for Kevin Durant (unrealistic) or Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah. With Lebron’s Nike money he might not demand a long term max deal because he wants a ring so bad, so you max out three other players and Let Lebron go to 6 more Finals in a row… maybe actually winning a couple of them. Also, I am totally calling Dwyane Wade being let go of by the Heat and ending up in Cleveland.

2 Days with Rob Bell part 4

This is part four of a whole series of posts I’m doing on my trip to go hear Rob Bell in February 2014. If you want, you can start at the first post.

While at the Rob Bell 2 Days event he made mention of the unique loneliness that leaders experience. This isn’t just a pastor issue either, it’s an issue for anyone who leads an organization. It is a strange issue for pastors though. When I was a supporting pastor, if I complained to my friends about my boss, I would be bad talking their pastor and undercutting all sorts of trust. So there’s a strangeness to the vocational pastoral role that’s difficult to navigate.

It makes me think there should be some training for this – like somewhere along in seminary they drop you off in the woods and you have to live by yourself for a month. It would be great training, and it would weed out the ranks in a hilarious way. So this got me thinking of other great classes pastors could use in Seminary:

  • Speaking in Alliteration: The very best preachers always alliterate and have 3 points at a time. Even when asking questions in this seminary class it will be useful to practice and show how smart you are. You were in bible quizzing for crying out loud, let everybody stand in awe at your knowledge of obscure Scriptures.
  • Mediocre Musicianship: Since you own an acoustic guitar, you should probably play it. After all, there’s likely not any good musicians in your church, so you should hold that stage as long as possible. Also included, planning services where the pastor never has to leave the stage.
  • Sporting Illustrations in Preaching: It’s important to be narrow minded and only pull illustrations from sports – preferably college football or NASCAR. God forbid an illustration from art or music or some other aspect of life. Optional seminar on how much people love it when you scold them for cheering at football but not at your church services.
  • Navigating Loneliness: With a special emphasis on woodland survival and a special project involving the ability to stop whining and remember what’s what.
  • Ancient Languages: Sure the Bible was written with Hebrew and Aramaic and Greek, but this class will take you back to the very earliest languages using caveman grunts and hand gestures to find the real original meaning. Class will focus on using “nuances” in original languages to change the meaning of a passage to match whatever topic you want to preach on.
  • Preaching when sick: Any dummy can preach a good 25 minutes when they are solid and healthy. In this class participants will be exposed to near-lethal viruses and still need to give a legible message. Emphasis on maintaining balance during closed-eyes praying and medications which will not induce speaking in tongues.



12 for 12: run

I think that if you just live life randomly, then what happens to you becomes your life. I only have like 75 years or so on this planet and I’ve already spent almost half of them. So I live to make them count. As Khobi and I always say in the mornings, ‘Let’s attack the day!’ I want to destroy every single day and let it know that I own it. I’m that disturbed.

For me, running is therapeutic and relaxing. More than once I’ve lost track of where I was going and ended up very far from home and had to run way further than I hoped in order to get back. It’s quite funny, until I have to tell my legs we’re an hour from home.

I’ve even done a few running races, which are quite comical because small children consistently beat me. I figure if we were allowed to tackle in these races I might fare better.

Since running is so relaxing to me, I have always thought it would be fun to run ultra marathons. How relaxing it must be to just run for 100 miles, right? It might be a fancy vacation to run the pacific crest trail as well, except for the part where a cougar would eat me.

So this year, I’m going to try and run a race further than 5K, which is what I’ve done in the past. I haven’t registered or anything, but it’s only the beginning of the year. Maybe I’ll even get one of those stickers for the back of my car that let people know that even though I’m driving right now, if this rig ran out of gas I can run so far that I wouldn’t buy the expensive gas nearby, I’d run all the way to Costco and save my wallet the 6 cents a gallon.

12 for 12: climb a mountain

I think that if you just live life randomly, then what happens to you becomes your life. I only have like 75 years or so on this planet and I’ve already spent almost half of them. So I live to make them count. As Khobi and I always say in the mornings, ‘Let’s attack the day!’ I want to destroy every single day and let it know that I own it. I’m that disturbed.

To that end, I sat down and decided on 12 things I will do this year and thought I’d write about them on the old blog. (Blogging is a book in a twitter world, it’s so quaint to put together multiple sentences and publish them online.)

South Sister

South Sister

I love the idea of climbing mountains. I love climbing mountains. I love the view at the top of mountains. I hate climbing down mountains. It takes hours; it is an extended depression. Life is so good on top of a mountain and so sore when you get back down.

I went up the South Sister probably like 4 years ago and I’d like to do it again. That time we were with some high school students and we didn’t go round the rim to the peak, this time I think I’d like to. We were going to do it last year, but the weather didn’t cooperate and I don’t own the equipment to deal with snow (or the desire to deal with snow). So, this would have been a goal for last year, but now it’ll have to be a part of this year.

I’m going up South Sister.

If the snow is bad again, I might try to convince the people I want to climb the mountain with to try out some volcano running and run around the base of the three sisters. Sound stupid? It is. That’s why it’s a good idea.

Weekend Update, October 24, 2011

What a great weekend!  Here’s what’s up!

  • Friday night I actually worked late, on the Grove’s policy manual. It was invigorating and made me sarcastic!
  • Then, our family make cookie bowls, but baking cookies over an upside down muffin tin. We attempted this once before, without Heather. This time it actually worked!
  • Saturday morning we woke up and exercised. It is so weird being a fitness person now. We wake up before the sun and a strangely happy person on the television tells us to do repetitive and awkward quasi-dance moves while counting backwards. It’s a unique skill set I think.
  • Then I had my last game for fall for the Crickets! It’s a U-6 girls soccer team I coach on which my little girl plays. We are dominant. We’ve only really run into a couple teams that play at our level. I’m supposed to teach the girls that ‘winning is just having fun’, but somehow they figured out that winning is when you score more goals than the other team.
  • Saturday night I got to go to a 40th birthday surprise party. It was so fun because it was almost all cops, and held in the Elks lodge, so it was my first time in an Elks lodge too! Pretty interesting!
  • Sunday morning was spent at The Grove, another great Sunday. Just an awesome group of people. My highlight was the band doing a song that they wrote themselves. It was so cool to see people worshiping God together with a song that was born in our own church!
  • Sunday afternoon I fell asleep sitting up. Apparently I was tired.
  • Sunday night the college kids came over and we had a super interesting conversation about the directions that people’s faith journey’s take in young adulthood, and what the role of the church is, and could be.

This week coming up should be great too! Got a couple fun meetings lined up, LJ’s first basketball game of the season and a loaded scripture to preach from on Sunday.  The big downer for this week is I am behind on my fitness goals, so I am going to be cranky from not eating enough cookies 🙂

What I Learned in February 2011

This is a late post by a full week, but it’s a fun way to review my month, and remember some lessons I learned.  So, here’s what I learned in February:

  • It’s colder than you think it is.
  • Black Eyed Peas are awesome to everyone except people who think folk music is legitimate (which it is only in a socialist system, in capitalism whoever sells the most contributes the most).
  • On a similar note, it’s much cheaper to get tickets to unpopular bands than to Taylor Swift.  There should be free health care included with her concerts.
  • It’s easier to win basketball games when you put the ball through the hoop thingy.
  • If you want to go on Jeopardy you have to watch musicals.
  • Just because you know one dance doesn’t mean you know all the dances.
  • Driving on ice is dangerous…mostly because of the nut jobs who think spinning your wheels is helpful.
  • Carry chains, you’ll thank me later.

Things I learned in January 2011

I feel like all my blog posts are bookk reviews.  HOW BORING!  Does anybody acutally read those?  (I like to have a record because I can search my blog later for key ideas and connect those ideas into bigger and more dangerous ideas!).  So, this is now my effort to be more creative.  If ind when my stress is high, I blog less.  When I am busy, I blog less.  So, maybe if I blog more, I’ll be less stressed and busy?  It’s a dream, but whatever.

So, here (in Larry King style) is what I learned in January of 2011:

  • A 50 pages a day reading schedule is too much for me.  Especially with some boring books.  I don’t know why I put myself through some of the junk I read.  So, I’m going to just 40 pages in February with Sundays off reading.
  • Khobi has a vicious hammer punch, don’t let her take your back.
  • 3am is a perfect ending time for a New Year’s party.
  • filing cabinets are surprisingly costly.  Why haven’t more people gotten into the filing cabinet business?
  • The Grove has thousands of people serving on it’s first impressions team.  Thousands.  Or they just move around a lot and it seems like thousands.  And if it’s raining, they bring an umbrella to your car and rain doesn’t get on my glasses – it’s awesome!
  • The gospel is as deep as it gets.  When people say they want ‘something deeper’, they should start with the gospel.
  • Families are forever.
  • I am the third best guitar player in my house.  Soon to be fourth.
  • The suit I bought in 2003 still fits like a glove.  Like a childrens glove.
  • Mistakes are normal.  What you do with mistakes shows character.
  • Focus on the Family has a Father-of-the-Year award.  I’m going for it in 2011.  I started by giving the kids ice-cream sandwiches for breakfast.
  • There is live bluegrass music in Peedee.
  • If you don’t pay attention, your son will bust you at battleship.
  • If you throw a large brick in a washing machine, it will basically explode
  • Leadership is a gift that God gives – not just talent-wise, but also opportunity-wise.
  • Pellet stoves are great, but no one yet has developed an engine for one that runs off a wind turbine placed in the chimney.  That would be a self-sustaining power generator, a miniature coal plant in your living room!