Giglio, The Comeback

Louie Giglio is a pastor, massive event speaker and owns a record label. He started an “insta-mega” church in Atlanta with thousands of young people who came to his Passion events and his world-famous worship leaders. It’s a model all church planters can be jealous of.

He has written a few books and I picked this one up because I heard a podcast with Giglio about his personal struggles under the pressure and conviction of his calling and his incredible success. Any time a leader is honest about the hard stuff, I want to give him my 10 bucks and hear his story.

The personal story is really helpful, but it is just like the first chapter only. For reals – the whole rest of the book doesn’t even mention it. It’s actually an incredible first chapter and then 11 generic sermons made into book chapters. I think the book was intended for a different audience than me, so people who don’t feel like God can still work in their life probably love the whole book, but it wasn’t what I was looking for.

If you are a pastor/leader of something significant – and by that I am not referring to size, church significance has nothing to do with church size – then I would recommend reading the first chapter for free through amazon. It’s incredible, encouraging and a blessing all the way through.

If you are struggling to believe that God can work a miracle in your life and bring you back to Himself and his dreams for your life – buy the book and start on chapter two. I think it will stir hope and encouragement in you and, like we always need to pray to Jesus, ‘help me with my unbelief.’

I’m not going to post quotes like I usually do. It’s not really that kind of writing – and the quotes I did underline were referring to questions I want to ponder that I think will turn into material for sermons 🙂