Brian Houston: Live Love Lead

I tagged along last fall to a Hillsong worship event because I heard Brian Houston was going to be preaching at the event also. My memory from the event is a complete lack of parking so I dropped off my van full of people and drove up a Portland sized hill to park and walk down to the concert. When I got down there, I realized I left my ticket in the car, so I walked back up the hill, got my ticket and walked back down again. Getting to the church that was hosting I entered and some security person tried to scold me for coming in the wrong door, but I kept walking and made the educated guess that the church security at a worship concert didn’t want to take down a giant Canadian with burning thighs. Thankfully, I was correct.

The night was outstanding all the way through and Brian Houston gave a really personal and inspiring teaching. At the event I learned that the price of admission included a copy of Houston’s newest book, Live Love Lead: Your Best is Yet to Come. Never one to turn away a free book, I actually decided to get it into my reading schedule. The book tells a lot of the Houston’s story of starting in ministry, Hillsong church taking off and gaining international influence and the personal struggles that they faced along the way. The honesty, openness and humility that Brian Houston gives is remarkable. It is easy to trust an author who openly writes of personal mistakes, especially ones that are related to often heard criticisms of their ministry. While it is much heavier on inspiration than on methods and strategies; there are a lot of practical things that you can implement in your own life to grow in life and leadership and actually see better years ahead.

Here’s some highlights from Live, Love, Lead:

  • p.34, “Looking at yourself against the size of your dream can quickly become more than anyone can handle. The truth is, the plans God has for you are always bigger than you are, and they are never going to be something you can pull off easily and in your own strength.”
  • p.63, “I am not called to plant churches everywhere, but where we do, my hope and prayer is that we can build significant churches whose impact for the Cause of Christ spreads far beyond their own walls and welcomes everyone.”
  • p.82, “With growth came a level of scrutiny that we had never experienced before. I felt removed from my life, from the passion and purpose that usually kept me eager to get out of bed in the morning and greet the day ahead. I was going through the motions, often lost in my thoughts, uncertain how to regain my joy and peace.”
  • p.107, “Bobbie and I always aspired to build a church that was youthful in spirit, generous at heart, faith filled in confession, loving in nature, and inclusive in expression.”

One thought on “Brian Houston: Live Love Lead

  1. Interesting……. I will try and read this one. Is it merely coincidental that the recently published book “Good Faith: Being a Christian When Society Thinks You’re Irrelevant and Extreme” by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons summarizes their message with a similar triad – Love, Believe, Live? Personally, I like leading off with Love…….


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