The Cavaliers at the mid-season

Of course, I don’t blog in ages, and then I return this this meaningful post 🙂

My beloved, for now,  Cleveland Cavaliers are struggling. This is a hillarious statement. When all three of their stars, James, Irving and Love are healthy and playing they are undefeated with the exception of when they play teams named Warriors or Spurs…um…or Bulls. They will win the Eastern conference without even noticing and their real season will start in the Finals.

Lebron James will go to his 6th straight finals.

However, right now they are struggling and I think that is primarily due to the coaching staff not properly utilizing their players, namely, Kevin Love. I’m not the biggest Kevin Love supporter and I have no rational reason for this at all, except he has replaced that place in my heart that Chris Bosh used to be in – so I will only love him when he is nailing three pointers to save Lebron’s legacy in important play off games. Since I imagine that Tyronn Lue regularly reads my blog (with all the narcissism that blogging requires), I will below list the best way forward for the Cavs. And, because my blogging platform now allows polls, you can vote for your favorite!

  1. Trade Kevin Love. This is the worst option.  Love is a really solid player, top 100 all time and a major contributer to this team. The only way they could really trade him is if they got a lock down defender (which nobody is giving up), or if they got Kyle Korver and some draft picks, which Atlanta won’t give up. Getting rid of Love also screws with team chemistry and it seems Lebron is a little more sensitive to this than most superstars.
  2. Trade Mosgov and Tristan Thompson. If they were to trade both of these guys together they could pick up whoever in the league is best at “guarding” Curry. He is the guy that they need to stop to win a championship and Mosgov and Thompson aren’t helping do that. I doubt this will happen because Blatt is close to Mosgov and Thompson shares an agent with Lebron. Still, getting rid of one of these guys for a Korver-level shooter or a lock down defender would be a good move. Plus, if you kept at least one it’s like an insurance policy in case the Spurs beat the Warriors in the West Finals and you need to stop West/Diaw, Aldridge and Duncan, who will all be on the floor at the same time.
  3. Change the starting line up so that Love is your center, and Varejao is the back up. Love is terrible at playing perimeter defense so he needs to be hidden against the Warriors and moving him to the 5 can do just that. Ultimately, this would be a copy of the old Phoenix Suns under Steve Nash. The difference would be that the role of Nash is being played by Irving and Lebron together which could be even more effective. Moving Love to center and making him an interior presence would get him more and better touches on offense. He would be in a position to best contribute and feel a part of the team’s success. Then, in key situations you can pull him out to the three to drain shots, but this would be an addition, not the main drive of Love’s offensive game. This would also bury the struggling Mosgov and one dimensional Thompson down the bench. They would get their minutes as fill in when the games are out of reach. The new starting line-up would be Irving, JR Smith, Shumpert, Lebron, Love.
  4. Just take a run at it this year and then next year really load up. The Cavs could be an excellent destination for Kevin Durant (unrealistic) or Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah. With Lebron’s Nike money he might not demand a long term max deal because he wants a ring so bad, so you max out three other players and Let Lebron go to 6 more Finals in a row… maybe actually winning a couple of them. Also, I am totally calling Dwyane Wade being let go of by the Heat and ending up in Cleveland.