2 days with Rob Bell part 6

This is part six of a whole series of posts I’m doing on my trip to go hear Rob Bell in February 2014. If you want, you can start at the first post.


A little bit of the afternoon on Monday was focused on the process and presentation of teaching, particularly in churches. It was presented with a little more application to other careers and roles as well, as the audience at the 2 Days event was not fully pastors. Rob Bell has already made several presentations on this subject, most of which can be found on the old YouTube, so it wasn’t tons of new info to me. So, just for ease of sharing I’m going to go point form just to get this down and maybe be helpful.

  • Adam had a loneliness problem before sin entered the world. Loneliness is a problem independent of the fall. This was just an incredible thought to me – that things were less than absolutely perfect in the garden of Eden from the very start.
  • You know you are prepared for your sermon/presentation when you can give a 10-second version, a 30-second version, a 3-minute version, and a 30-minute version. And it has got to be memorized as much as possible because any energy you spend on recalling is completely wasted energy for the people listening.
  • Structure feeds the spontaneity. Improvisation works when the fundamentals are mastered.
  • Deconstruction can create a lot of energy, but where is it even going? Tearing things down is loads of fun, but then what have you ended up with? A beautiful vision can actually take people somewhere great. It’s so much better to actually build something new, something resurrected from the old.
  • If you communicate on a regular basis, having a system of capturing moments of inspiration is essential. If you can, use Evernote to do this, it has organizational capabilities that make this simple and effective. Also, capture everything without judgment – editing can be done way later – get it into the file.

If you are interested in more of what Bell has to say about the sacred art of preaching, start with this youtube, then click through the links and watch the whole thing…


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