Kirkman, The Road to Woodbury

I really enjoy post-apocalyptic movies and books and such and so I’ve gotten into AMC’s series, The Walking Dead. This has lead me to start buying comic books – for the first time in my life – and I’ve picked up two novels now from my local public library. The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury is the second in a trilogy that follows the post-zombie outbreak life of the series’ super villain, The Governor.

This novel follows another band of survivors and how they end up meeting the Governor and staying in Woodbury. The little town is in its beginning stages and starting to set up a lot of the infrastructure and dictatorship laws. It is weird that they seem to have an unlimited supply of gas for their generators and running water for days, but this is still early in the apocalypse, so maybe they are emptying underground tanks from the local Chevron station and slowly emptying the small town’s unusually large water tower.

In total, this book is terrible. Straight terrible. The characters don’t develop, the conflict is imagined, the tension is created out of convenience not plot. At times the book tries to be a story of survival then it takes a sharp turn into existential political philosophy and critique. Then it tries to be emotional and takes a gross turn into erotica. The book has no established beginning and has no relevant ending. It’s like the authors thought up some interesting scenes, wrote them on note cards, shuffled the deck, and made a book.

I got this from the local library and I can’t decide if I should be glad I didn’t pay for it, or upset that my tax dollars did.  Either way, I’m glad the book is written at the level of a first grader because that makes it an easy read and the suffering ends quickly.  Moral of the story…stick to what you are good at – comic books writers can do movies, but not novels.


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