Hirsch and Ferguson, on the verge

Alan Hirsch and Dave Ferguson wrote on the verge: a journey in the apostolic future of the church together for the exponential church planters conference last year. The conference actually commissions a book each year. The combination of Hirsch, who is philosophical, and Ferguson, who is practical, makes for a great book that outlines the reasoning and the practical steps the reader can take in their local churches. Both men are driven for church planting and the advancement of the gospel in our world.

I read this right now because our church is needing to sunset our structures which helped us get off the ground and begin working in ways that evangelize and disciple at the same time with the same urgency with which we started. We need systems and organizational understandings that do not limit the passion of the people. We need to be organized so that we can fully take advantage of the opportunities God brings our way.

Here’s some stellar material:

p.57, “Telling the different story means reframing the central story that defines our understanding of church.”

p.80, “In every group there are innovators: those who ignite the change before all others. The 2.5 percent of us who are innovators spark change in the 13.5 percent who are early adopters, and when you catch 16 percent of the group, the mission burns so red hot, everyone can feel it.”

p.92, “According to [Daniel] Pink, the greatest demand today isn’t detailed analysis but rather big picture thinking, systematic approaches, nonlinear dynamics, and synthesis…the ability to put together seemingly disparate pieces of information, to see relationships, between seemingly unrelated fields, to detect broad patterns rather than deliver specific answers, and to invent something new by combining elements no one else thinks to pair.”

p.141, “…mission is a terrible lord.”



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