Kirkman, Rise of The Governor

The second of my summer zombie apocalypse just for fun reading was Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor. The Governor was the bad guy on last season of the television show, The Walking Dead, and won some awards that nerds give out for being the best bad guy of the year. He marks a shift in the story from the zombies being the danger, to the surviving humans being the immediate danger. When apocalypse happens (zombie, nuclear war, global warming, black friday sales, etc.), the event will not likely be as defining as the reaction to scarcity of resources, so the story of The Walking Dead naturally moves in that direction.

This book is written as a novel (Wait! No Pictures?? I thought this was a comic book graphic novel!) and reveals how the Governor become the baddest bad guy on the planet. It picks up about seven days after the zombie outbreak and goes all the way to Woodbury. If you like good literature, this book is like torture. It is tedious in the wrong places and stops short in places that could use more time to read through. Also, if you like good literature, why on earth would you be reading a book about zombies?

Fans of the series will love this book because it gives some story behind the story – you find out what happened to Penny and you learn the Governor’s real name. It’s not what he says it is on the TV series. Armed with this behind the scenes info, you can shame your less nerdy friends and dominate online message boards! Really though, you can probably find this book at your local library and read all 300 pages of it in one sitting. You’ll have a little fun and save the money that really you don’t need to be spending to learn stuff that google will tell you for free.


One thought on “Kirkman, Rise of The Governor

  1. James,

    I am hoping you have read Cormic McCarthy’s “The Road.” If not, I encourage you to do so because he gives pretty good literary treatment to theme theme you describe here. In a very short review of this book I wrote “What ‘The Road’ so graphically reveals is that humans don’t need to catch some deadly virus to become monsters….. they just have to be desperate enough.”


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