Jurek, Eat & Run

A friend of mine read this book by ultra marathon runner – and winner – Scott Jurek and suggested it to me. Jurek writes about how he ended up becoming an extreme runner and, in the process, became a vegan as well. So, when I saw it at the local library I picked it up and loved it! It’s a great story, an easy read and really encouraging.

I tend to think that I would love to run a particular distance and go out and run as far as possible, over-train and end up hurting. Jurek’s first advice on running to readers makes a lot more sense, “Go 50 yeards if that’s all you can handle. Tomorrow, you can go farther… Don’t worry about speed at first or even distance. In fact, go slow…Do a combo of running and walking if needed. Don’t be afraid to walk the uphills.” (p.15)

One hard part of the book is learning about how Jurek’s marriage fell apart. He is open and vulnerable, and it’s such a raw part of the book. I am constantly reminded of how those whose lives are consumed with some expression of greatness struggle to lead and keep their own families. It’s a sad reality that is far too common. It really makes me even more amazed at great men and women who achieve in life – and keep their families a priority.

If you run, you will love this book, if you don’t, this book could be a fun inspiration for you. He isn’t asking all of us to run ultras and become vegans; he encourages us to go further than yesterday. and live healthier than yesterday. Things that all of us can do today!



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