Brooks, World War Z

One of the reasons that you, I and Brad Pitt are all the same is that we were all disappointed with the way that the movie adaptation of this book played out. Pitt probably the most, since he invested years into the project. You and I because we invested ten bucks and two hours. The action was too limited in scope, the zombies just weren’t scary, and the tone was just too timid.

Right now, in western culture, there is nothing more fad than zombie. (Who knew that vampires and werewolves would be passe so fast?) I always enjoy a good apocalypse yarn; when people are faced with inevitable doom, it seems to give them more freedom to be honest with themselves. It’s probably strange for a pastor to be reading zombie fiction; I read it for more than just enjoyment though – cultural and social leaders do well to know the postmodern zeitgeist and its influences on emerging thought. You can know where we are going by what we are fascinated with and laughing at today.

The book, all the same, is a load of fun! It is a fictional account of the extra source material from the narrator, who wrote a technical history report of the world wide zombie apocalypse. According the the book, this is all the material from the interviews that was too emotional, more than simple facts that would be helpful in a report.

It then traces the World War Z from its beginnings to the rebuilding of society all around planet earth. Really creative stuff, and some fun twists in the end. I liked this book not just for its fun apocalypse, but for its creative approach, which I had never seen before. I always love it when I find something new that nobody else is doing.

Great summer escape reading!



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