Stevens and Morgan, Simply Strategic Stuff

Every now and then it’s good to review some fundamentals and work on keeping the simple things simple. Tim Stevens and Tony Morgan put together this book, Simply Strategic Stuff: Help for Leaders Drowning in the Details if Running a Church. it’s basically a list of 100 simple tips they put together while on staff at Granger Church.

Books like these I like to go back to every few years to help focus and increase efficiency and effectiveness. These aren’t exactly gospel values, but they do help the organization and administration of a church – so that they church can focus on spreading the gospel instead if worrying about

This book isn’t full of brand spanking new ideas, but it is full of great little reminders for leaders who are moving along and can get bogged down with strained systems. It could also be a great book for inexperienced leaders looking for a seminar style tool box to help shape the administration of their local church.