Javerbaum, The Last Testament

David Javerbaum is the former head writer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and has co-authored both of the books Stewart released… so he’s funny, very funny, and tends to follow things down trails looking to see if there is some more funny to be found.

This book, The Last Testament: A Memoir by God, fits right in line with what you expect. Its an imagined additional testament from God, giving a behind the scenes look at what God has been doing and how he thinks its going so far. Like other products from The Daily Show family, it’s a little longer than it needs to be, but it’s still really funny.

If you can handle someone poking fun at your orthodoxy, this book will give some laughs. I like to read unbelievers’ comedy about God because it shows me connection points in our culture and helps me understand others’ viewpoints… the laughs then, are a bonus.

Check it out if you want; if you see it on the shelf be sure to at least pick it up and enjoy the center of the book illustrations, pure comedy gold.