Through the Bible

I recently finished reading the whole Bible through again.I used the ESV Bible plan from YouVersion, so I read every verse in the Bible and the Psalms twice.

It only took me 15 months this time, which is a vast improvement over my 58 months last time. I know some people who can read through the Bible every year which is amazing to me. I’ve read through Genesis about 12 times thinking I was going to read the whole thing and I rarely make it because it’s so great I need tome to reflect and ruminate on what I am reading. Other sections of the Bible are just insanely boring; I mean do you really need to read the dimensions of the tabernacle every year? Or it’s just really depressing; I read through Job this year during a bit of a stressful time and it didn’t help much at all.

If you’ve never read through the whole Bible you should. Even if it takes you a decade, it’s such a great exercise and will help your faith grow. There are guides online and YouVersion makes it so simple to do – it really is just a matter of commitment.

I read the vast majority on my smart phone, until the very end when the app kept stalling and it was driving me crazy. I spent more time loading the app than I was reading the Bible, so I finished the last 10ish days on the computer instead. I still like YouVersion for what it is, but, for me, it still doesn’t compare to a regular old book. Books don’t crash, don’t stall in the middle of your reading and let you change pages whenever you want – almost instantly! Still, I cannot carry 4 versions of the Bible with study notes and any relevant information that I can think of in my pocket…so books may not be the greatest thing ever…


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