Back at it!

Gotta lot of stuff to write about on the old blog, so I’ll be pumping out some more content in coming weeks. Been through a disturbingly busy season in my life, which is not the best way to live my life, but got some help and have been putting things in order – having way better quiet times and feeling more alive.

Plus, I finished Rob Bell’s What We Talk About When We Talk About God and what else is there to blog about but Rob Bell! And if I mention Rob Bell a lot, I get a lot of blog hits! So all sorts of strangers from Uzbekistan can read my opinions on Rob Bell. Rob Bell.

So, this is just a weird lead in, to remind me, when I read through my blog in 2104 as to why there was a stark gap for a couple months. Here’s some random thoughts that don’t deserve their own posts but I am just loving right now –

  • the best part of american idol this season is watching Nicki Minaj whenever Mariah Carey speaks. Those two seem to be really getting along!
  • If JT’s Suit and Tie and Britney and’s equally terrible song are going to be our summertime radio hits, I’m going to need to upgrade my spotify to listen to it in the car….
  • I can’t wait for the Heat-Spurs game coming up soon. If the Heat win, they have a bonafide chance of running to 33 (and sweeping the east in the play-offs)
  • I got to play basketball with grown men last week for the first time in two years…it was awesome! Just love playing ball.
  • I think Peyton Manning wins NFL MVP next year, and gets another Super Bowl too. I also think the Jets should sign another QB, because 4 just isn’t enough depth.
  • Stuff and Things
  • I’m actually excited for the new Pope Francis and the hope that people have for some real changes to the Catholic Church – too many kids have been victimized and it has to be dealt with.
  • I’m thinking about hiding everyone of the people I am friends with on facebook so that I can have actual interesting conversations with people, and not always have the preface, “did you see what I (or someone else) posted on facebook?” In other news, I am carrying printed out pictures of my food to show people, since that’s what’s socially appropriate these days.
  • I say GSP rolls over Diaz this weekend

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