Rath, Strength Based Leadership

Tom Rath and Barry Conchie wrote this as a leadership follow up to the Strength Finder 2.0, which is also available from Gallup Press. It’s a leadership development tool that follows the philosophy of leading from one’s strengths for maximum impact. This book builds on this pattern so that teams can be formed that are greater than the sum of the parts. Though it seems like a thick book, most of it is reference material and there’s less than 100 pages of actual text to be read. It really is a great resource, though the leadership styled strength finder online test that comes with it doesn’t produce the same level of reports that the original 2.0 version does. I bought just one copy of this text and several 2.0 books for the group I was doing this test with, which gave more in depth and personalized insight for the participants.

The real development that is found in Strengths Based Leadership is the dividing up of the strengths into 4 areas of leadership, which allows for simpler building of teams that will be complementary. (As a side note, it’s no surprise that the majority of my strengths were categorized in the “Strategic” domain.)

If you lead people, this little group of books can be a great encouragement and affirmation tool and will help you to place people in spots where they can shine and contribute in an energizing way, and actually love the work that they do!


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