Organizational Analysis

Education is quickly shifting as the world is changing it’s view on the price of content and the value of a traditional degree. Information is free, relationship is where the cost is developing. That piece of paper on your wall…it’s quickly depreciating.

The online education gateway, Coursera, is creating an educational portal where you can get real education online, for free! You don’t get any official recognition, but if you learn and you do your work better, you get recognition (and impact) that actually matters.

On Monday, September 24th, I’m starting my first course from Stanford University, (Go Cardinal!? Beats USC?!) on organizational analysis. The syllabus says we’ll cover  decisions by rational and rule-based procedures, by dominant coalitions, and in organized anarchies, developing organizational learning and intelligence, and an organizational culture, managing resource dependencies, Network forms of organization, and institutions and organizational legitimacy. I’ll be watching lectures online (instead of checking out TLC’s newest and weakest attempts at television programming), reading and maybe even writing a paper or two. All while building skills, experience and language that will help me serve organizations I lead.

While I am leading our church, The Grove, it’s radically important that we do well, because actual people’s souls are on the line – we share life in Jesus with other people. So we want ensure that our organizational structure doesn’t get in the way, but it serves the people who are on mission with Jesus!

So, any leaders out there want to take a course from Stanford on Organizational Analysis with me?



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