How you do is what you do

What you are doing isn’t the point, how you are doing what you do is the point. If you or your organization or your church does something there’s someone or some thing out there that does it better, faster, cheaper… What makes you stand out is how you do what you do.

It’s not exactly revolutionary to know this, but it seems to be something that trips many organizations, especially churches.

Churches do not merely spread the message of hope and love through Jesus – they must live it out. It’s in the living that the message actually makes sense. It’s where and what you actually believe.

Every Christian church in the world is proclaiming almost the exact same message. Every evangelical church in the United States is proclaiming the perfectly exact same message. So what is it that makes some of these churches vibrant, healthy and growing? It’s how they do the things they do.

Many people will ask vibrant churches what it is that makes them attractive, and they are looking for a programmatic answer; something they can duplicate. The truth is, however, that culture can be radically different and produce radically different results even if churches are running identical program strategies.

The answer isn’t in your ministry programs.

The answer isn’t in preaching through the Bible verse by verse.

The answer isn’t in being missional.

The answer isn’t in your worship, systems, outreach or small groups.

How all of these things happen and the behavioral culture that exists in the local church is the distinctive that matters and the major element that the senior leader(s) must be taking responsibility for.


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