Evangelical, but it’s not what you think

Sometimes I find myself considering viewpoints and working through the question of trusting people (like authors and the like) to have input into my personal development and in those moments sometimes I find myself wondering not only if they are christian, but if they are evangelical christian.

Now I take input from all sorts of people, both believers and not, but there is a different kind of trust that I feel for people who are sort of family, who are from my tribe. If your last name is the same as mine, it’s just natural that I have implicit trust with you.

So, when I begin to think about those who have input in my development, I think it is a telling thing.  Yet, I have no idea what it is telling me. Oh the irony!  I have not an idea what I am thinking and why I am thinking it as I think about thinking thoughts.

I wonder if the question I am asking myself has to do with the borders I live in, and what I do with those, and who gets to decide where those borders are. Really, I don’t think it’s the borders that matter as much as the people/ideas/thoughts that get to decide and enforce those borders.

I wonder why I continually have this tendency, which I don’t think I like at all, to say it’s all about Jesus plus this particular understanding. On the other hand, I love living in the tradition and tribe that I am in, and I really do think there are real and true understandings of Jesus and there are false and self-serving understandings. I want the former and want very little to do with the latter.

I wonder who gets to decide which is which? Someone once told me that our church’s serving popcorn was self-serving and we are, in effect, worshiping ourselves every Sunday morning. I thought we were just trying to be nice. Who gets to decide that? And who gets to decide who decides that?

Really, this is a twitter post, but they limit my ramblings to 140 characters, and there’s no way that would work. And I think there is something here, but I’m not sure what it is.