Why I won’t give up on Mark Driscoll

Last year one of my favorite authors (who has a lot of influence in my life and theology), Rob Bell published Love Wins, a book about hell and heaven and where we are all going. It got all sorts of press and I got a silly blog traffic boost by blogging about the book. At the same time, I read a post on TSK’s blog (link in the sidebar) about how and why emergers won’t easily give up on Bell, which I resonated with. There’s no way I would just give up on Rob Bell, or tweet a farewell like Piper did. I totally disagree with his conclusions on hell, but why would that be enough of a reason to be, quoting Dan in Real life (one of the top 14 movies of all time), a murderer of love?

This year, one of my favorite authors (who has a lot of influence in my life and theology), Mark Driscoll published Real Marriage, a book about marriage relationships. He wrote the book with his wife and got raked over the coals for some of their views on marriage. There’s even stuff in the book that I don’t think I agree with, but I don’t feel like Driscoll is sitting at his computer, waiting to see if I like him or not.  Why would a guy’s wonky views on marriage be enough of a reason to be (again) a murderer of love?

I think I’m getting fed up with Christians whose greatest contribution is letting the whole world know who the bad guys are (I’m sure I’ve been guilty of this in the past, and it just isn’t helpful – to me or to the whole world). At the end of this ride, I’m going to have to hang out with Jesus for all eternity and I want to have a better conversation opener than, “Hey Jesus, aren’t you glad I warned all those people about the holes in pastors’ theologies? I pretty much blogged the church into awesomeness. No need to thank me Jesus, just the look on your face is thanks enough.”

I haven’t spouted off a good rant lately, so there you have it. I’m stopping now because I’m getting borderline self-righteous, which would cause me to write a blog slamming myself.


One thought on “Why I won’t give up on Mark Driscoll

  1. LOVE THIS — fed up on where our focus is. Spending too much time writing/talking about crappy Christians and messed up Church. There’s a whole lotta people who are much more interested in knowing they are loved and being shown — we need to be doers not talkers. God is the judge, not us. We are told to GO and LOVE and TELL.


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