12 for 12: intentional leadership development

I think that if you just live life randomly, then what happens to you becomes your life. I only have like 75 years or so on this planet and I’ve already spent almost half of them. So I live to make them count. As Khobi and I always say in the mornings, ‘Let’s attack the day!’ I want to destroy every single day and let it know that I own it. I’m that disturbed.

Since beginning to lead The Grove I have grown more as a leader than ever before in my life. I have also grown at a quicker pace. So I have to be intentional about my own leadership development. This isn’t something new for me, but it is something that I am pretty intentional about. Here’s how I will grow as a leader in 2012:

  • Prayer: the distinguishing characteristic of a spiritual leadership is spirituality. Christians without a vibrant prayer life are practical atheists. Prayer is the source of strength and guidance and so it will be essential to me as a pastor.
  • Serving: Living my life for others is my goal. For me, that is what makes a leader. When someone lives for someone else, they have the opportunity to become a leader. I find this to be true for self, for marriage, for teams, for corporations, and many other settings. Deciding who the win is for will allow leadership to emerge.
  • Being Connected: Relationships with other leaders helps me grow in unique ways. The perspective and insight gained through leader-level relationships cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Reading: Leaders read. There’s no getting around that in our context. So, I read deeply and I read widely. I will put away an insane amount of books every single year.
  • Noticing: Watching leaders who are further down the road than me allows me to learn from their success and from their failures/mistakes. Moving slowly enough to notice other leaders’ paths helps my own pace and helps me to advance by seeing potential pitfalls for my own path.



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