12 for 12: prioritize people

I think that if you just live life randomly, then what happens to you becomes your life. I only have like 75 years or so on this planet and I’ve already spent almost half of them. So I live to make them count. As Khobi and I always say in the mornings, ‘Let’s attack the day!’ I want to destroy every single day and let it know that I own it. I’m that disturbed.

I tend to take a large view of things, especially at an organizational level. My natural tendency is to preserve the collective, even at the price of the individual (you can call me Borg for that, I’ll call you a Star Trek nerd). So, I often struggle with Jesus’ call to leave the 99 sheep to go look for the one. If I was a shepherd, I’d call that a regular business loss; percentage wise, that’s not too bad.

However, more than I am committed to myself, I want to be committed to the Scripture. If I change the Bible so that I like it, I destroy it and, in so doing, destroy myself.

So I am going to try to remind myself this year to remember individuals in all situations this year. I will still have to make decisions sometimes, and people’s feelings will get hurt by my decisions. That’s life. The way I interact with that reality is something I am working on.



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