12 for 12: climb a mountain

I think that if you just live life randomly, then what happens to you becomes your life. I only have like 75 years or so on this planet and I’ve already spent almost half of them. So I live to make them count. As Khobi and I always say in the mornings, ‘Let’s attack the day!’ I want to destroy every single day and let it know that I own it. I’m that disturbed.

To that end, I sat down and decided on 12 things I will do this year and thought I’d write about them on the old blog. (Blogging is a book in a twitter world, it’s so quaint to put together multiple sentences and publish them online.)

South Sister

South Sister

I love the idea of climbing mountains. I love climbing mountains. I love the view at the top of mountains. I hate climbing down mountains. It takes hours; it is an extended depression. Life is so good on top of a mountain and so sore when you get back down.

I went up the South Sister probably like 4 years ago and I’d like to do it again. That time we were with some high school students and we didn’t go round the rim to the peak, this time I think I’d like to. We were going to do it last year, but the weather didn’t cooperate and I don’t own the equipment to deal with snow (or the desire to deal with snow). So, this would have been a goal for last year, but now it’ll have to be a part of this year.

I’m going up South Sister.

If the snow is bad again, I might try to convince the people I want to climb the mountain with to try out some volcano running and run around the base of the three sisters. Sound stupid? It is. That’s why it’s a good idea.


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