Jackson, The Last Season

If you want to blame someone for the current NBA stars loading up on each other’s teams in hopes of winning championships, you’ve got to look at the 2003/04 Lakers who signed up Gary Payton and Karl Malone for a championship run with their already superstar tandem of Shaq O’Neal and Kobe Bryant, coached by the greatest manager of superstars that we’ve ever seen!

Phil Jackson’s book The Last Season: A Team in Search of its Soul is a diary sort of story telling that he recorded during the season. It’s really interesting because it gives you a look behind the scenes and shows you the back story behind the whole season.

The most boring parts of the book are the playoffs where Jackson goes over every single game in detail. If you read this, it means you saw those games. And if we wanted to re-live them, we could -we don’t need to read about it.

For the most part, though, it was a super fun Kobe bashing session. If only he had been willing to run the triangle offense and feed it into Shaq…they’d have 9 rings by now and Lebron would have taken his talents to Huntington Beach.


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