Weekend Update, October 24, 2011

What a great weekend!  Here’s what’s up!

  • Friday night I actually worked late, on the Grove’s policy manual. It was invigorating and made me sarcastic!
  • Then, our family make cookie bowls, but baking cookies over an upside down muffin tin. We attempted this once before, without Heather. This time it actually worked!
  • Saturday morning we woke up and exercised. It is so weird being a fitness person now. We wake up before the sun and a strangely happy person on the television tells us to do repetitive and awkward quasi-dance moves while counting backwards. It’s a unique skill set I think.
  • Then I had my last game for fall for the Crickets! It’s a U-6 girls soccer team I coach on which my little girl plays. We are dominant. We’ve only really run into a couple teams that play at our level. I’m supposed to teach the girls that ‘winning is just having fun’, but somehow they figured out that winning is when you score more goals than the other team.
  • Saturday night I got to go to a 40th birthday surprise party. It was so fun because it was almost all cops, and held in the Elks lodge, so it was my first time in an Elks lodge too! Pretty interesting!
  • Sunday morning was spent at The Grove, another great Sunday. Just an awesome group of people. My highlight was the band doing a song that they wrote themselves. It was so cool to see people worshiping God together with a song that was born in our own church!
  • Sunday afternoon I fell asleep sitting up. Apparently I was tired.
  • Sunday night the college kids came over and we had a super interesting conversation about the directions that people’s faith journey’s take in young adulthood, and what the role of the church is, and could be.

This week coming up should be great too! Got a couple fun meetings lined up, LJ’s first basketball game of the season and a loaded scripture to preach from on Sunday.  The big downer for this week is I am behind on my fitness goals, so I am going to be cranky from not eating enough cookies 🙂


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