Pierson, The Art of Curating Worship

Mark Pierson is a pastor from New Zealand who has been engaging and developing community worship gatherings since the eighties. According to the bio on the back of the book he pours his life into helping those on the fringes of the church to encounter God. This book seems to be a part of a larger online ministry, Clayfire, which is networking people and ideas for creative worship events.

The basic premise of the book is Pierson’s reshaping of the role of a worship leader, from a song leader, to a leader of the community engaging worship in a more experiential way. He turns the worship gathering from a song and sermon event to an experiential event that engages people on multiple levels.

What I like about Pierson is that he focuses on the need for the church, if it is to actually emerge, must ask deeper and harder questions of itself. He writes on page 17, “My concern now is that the emerging-church movement isn’t asking deep enough questions about its practice.”

This is a good book for pastors and leaders who want to engage emerging generations either in new works or in bringing change to existing churches. Pierson won’t just let you make surface changes, he’ll walk you through some questions that have to be asked in order to make the philosophical shifts that will make your worship authentic to the people God gathers.


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