On the Reading Shelf

Right in the middle of my desk I keep my current books and I noticed today that it’s getting kinda full! Here’s what I’m reading right now:

  • The ESV study Bible – working to read through it again, started in January, only in Deuteronomy. It’s just to good to skim, I can’t do it. My mind is continually blown!
  • Church in the Present Tense  – this is written by multiple authors and seems to be about the emerging church and what’s happening right now
  • Insurrection, by Peter Rollins – This is just stellar. I already planned on reading it twice through, so this first time I’m not making any markings, just taking it all in.
  • The Gospel in a Pluralist Society – used this for research for my last sermon series, but now I am reading it through with a group of guys. We meet this Saturday for the first time, looking forward to this one.
  • Transformissional Coaching by Steve Ogne and Tim Roehl – Reading this for the third time. I am not naturally good at coaching, but it is a key skill (I think) to help me lead The Grove where God seems to be leading.
  • The Book of Ruth by Robert L. Hubbard Jr. – Reading this commentary for the next sermon series. The actual book of Ruth is about 4 pages, this commentary is 300 pages.
  • NIV Application Commentary (Judges and Ruth) by K. Lawson Younger JR. – This is a really handy commentary series too.
  • An Introduction to the Old Testament Historical Books by David M. Howard Jr. – just reading the section on Ruth, this has amazing insight into culture and context for the first half of the Old Testament.

On deck(still…):

  • The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky – I’ve started this book twice already and now will again. It’s about a billion pages long, so it takes a while.
  • Meet Mrs. Smith by Anna Smith – this is written by Martin Smith’s (of Delirious) wife about their lives.
  • Josephus, the Complete Works – Started this in the summer, but need to get back into it.
  • How to Wow Your Church Guests by Mark Waltz – seems funny to list this one next to Josephus, but that’s the range of my reading I guess.

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