Smith, Delirious

The band Delirious provided much of the soundtrack of my formative years. I got bored of “christian” music quickly, but there seemed to be music coming from Christians in the U.K. that just said something to me and made me believe it all might be true. Delirious was one of those bands – some would say they were the band.

So, last year when they decided to end their time as a band I was bummed. But I did get to see their final concert on television and it was outstanding. And then, amazon recommended to me Martin Smith’s (the lead singer) new autobiography, Delirious: My Journey with The Band, a Growing Family, and an Army of History Makers, I was pretty stoked.

The book itself is a rush. Smith lets you in to see how he ended up singing in a band, all the way from how God changed his life to the business sides of things that they struggled to balance. It’s honest and refreshing to read, especially if you are into Delirious. There’s even some serious critique of american christian music and the christian music industry – stuff you won’t hear from someone who still wants their label to sell records for them.

For me personally, this book came at a perfect time in my life. God used it to open me up a little more and bring some real fresh life to our relationship. It’s been so good for me and so freeing. I don’t know why or what happened, but I like it!


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