Weekend Updates September 26, 2011

What a wild weekend!  Gotta take a breath today!

  • Friday I had a great lunch with a friend who always asks interesting questions – I always end up with new ideas after our lunches together
  • Friday night we got to hang out at a birthday party for one of the kids’ friends, it was a costume party at Pizza King.  I dressed up as the Invisible Man, but it didn’t seem to work because people kept seeing me. I’ll be returning that costume.
  • Then we headed over to Corvallis for a big Beaver tailgate party that was so fun too.  Great to hang out with people and the music is always great and loud. Just because the Beavers are having a lousy time of it, doesn’t mean the fans can’t have fun!
  • Saturday morning I coached Khobi’s soccer team to another win. We dominated this week, felt bad for the other team. Our team has active and involved Dads, it makes for confident little soccer players!
  • From the soccer game, LJ and I rushed over to Corvallis again for the Beavers game. They came close, but still ended up falling short…again. Fun time with cool friends again though and we had oreos shaped like footballs.
  • Saturday night I finished Martin Smith’s book Delirious. It tracks the albums of Delirious? and tells some of the background story. For me, it was so, so good. I grew up on Delirious and continue to love to worship with the songs they gave to the church!
  • Sunday’s first service was a tough one. It seemed that if something technical could go wrong, it went wrong today! Heather and the whole Grove Band did a great job pulling things together though – and it ended up being an amazing experience – people worshiped and God’s presence was felt. We do rely on technology, but we actually rely so much more on the Spirit of God!
  • There were just under 350 people at The Grove on Sunday! This weekend coming up is our two year anniversary and it is so exciting to see. And it’s not just about big groups of people in a room – it’s about the amazing stories of people’s lives changing and Jesus transforming them in The Grove! Every single person is so much a part of what The Grove is!
  • This weekend’s teaching was on belonging and believing in a pluralist world. We want to be a church that loves people, that is what sets us apart from the rest of the world, unconditional love for all!
  • Sunday afternoon had some friends over for the kids and they had a great time and it let me watch some football – GO BILLS! SUPERBOWL BOUND!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Updates September 26, 2011

  1. 1. Why are you back on wordpress was this update not boss enough?
    2. Why is there an add on your page?
    3. I am so excited about what is happening in Albany with the Grove. I am so glad that I was a part of it, and that you were a mentor so much of my life. Sounds like a going to be a great weekend for sure.

    Always praying for you Carmichaels!!


  2. I’m going to keep using wordpress too – tumblr is faster, but i’m just not ready to jump ship yet. WordPress and me have some history lol. And where is the ad? Like advertisment you mean? I don’t see it.

    And, you are part of what God has done – you’re like an extension of us in california! I love reading and seeing about your new california adventures!


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