Patrick, Church Planter

I picked up Darrin Patrick’s book to read for 3 reasons: I got it as a part of a subscription service, I heard someone quote from in, and, finally, because I am a church planter.

Patrick is an executive with Acts 29 and a pastor of a church plant in St. Louis.  He’s a through and through Driscoll kind of guy, with all the reformed theology and macho-Jesusity to make this a pretty standard published book from the guys at Crossway and Re:Lit.  I appreciate the amount of quantity of content these guys put out, but not always the quality of the content.

Anyways, I read this book fairly quickly because it wasn’t so much on planting churches as it was for young men who were considering planting a church, with instructions and warnings to heed or you just won’t be accepted into Acts 29 (likely because you play video games or blog in your parents’ basement).  Here’s a few quotes I found of interest:

  • p.22, “If it is possible to prophesy, cast out demons, and do many miracles in Christ’s name without ever truly knowing him, then certainly it is possible to plant or lead a church without a saving relationship with him.”
  • p.23, “I have found that the main question both liberals and conservatives often start with is not, Is this man a Christian? but rather, Can this man grow the church?
  • p.72, referencing Rick Warren, “It means that you use your teaching gift not for your own pleasure but for the edification and protection of the church. You don’t preach to hear yourself, you preach to heal the church.”

So, that’s not much because I started speeding through this book, it just wasn’t for me.  He does tell the story of his vasectomy and God-led reversal towards the end.  It’s weird.


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