NBA Off-Season Wish-List

Here’s my wishlist (or prayer list for the fundies) for the NBA:

1.  That the collective bargaining agreement totally destroys the league, making last season the final season ever played in the NBA.  As a result, EuroLeague expands into America (and China) and creates the World League of Basketball.  Many NBA franchises simply enter the WLB.  This is my wish just to screw with Ricky Rubio for waiting to jump to the NBA.  And, as a double bonus, we would always be able to say Lebron’s choke in the Finals killed the entire NBA.

2.  If the NBA does not collapse, Steve Nash needs to get traded to a contender.  Multiple MVP’s and he’s finishing his career on a team that refuses to make the play-offs.  That’s silly.  Nash should be traded for Miami’s draft picks, Ilgauskis and Mario Chalmers.  Nash is good in 4th quarters, it’s a good fit.

3.  Miami makes a run at the following players by luring them with the hope of getting one last championship before they quit:  Jason Kapono for his shooting, Nash, for running breaks, any point guard from Minnesota, just because the weather change would be funny, Ron Artest for the drama, and Greg Odom, just so he can kindly escape the curse of knee injuries in Portland.  And, pulling out of retirement, Shaq, Reggie Miller, Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, Tyronne Lue and Chris Webber.  All good finishers in games.

4. Move the New Orleans franchises to Seattle.  Sorry, but it just makes sense.  And the fourth quarters in Seattle are on TV so late, the whole east coast would never see Lebron in the 4th quarter.

5. Eliminate the zone defense.  Just like the rules changed to widen the lane because of dominant big men, we should get rid of the zone defense because Lebron doesn’t like playing in it.  The wider key to make it harder for bigs, was a marketing move for cute little guards, the NBA should be ready to change the game for the Lebron to be marketed as well.  Also, get rid of 4th quarters altogether, make it 3 periods like hockey.



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