N.T. Wright, The Challenge of Easter

I don’t know of any other author who can pull back my traditional and cultural assumptions and reveal the teachings of Scripture to me better than NT Wright.  This is why I picked up his little book on Easter .  It’s taken from his book, The Challenge of Jesus, which I also love.  So, just for the fun of it, here’s some lovely and encouraging quotes from the little book,

  • p.11, “Already by the time of Paul the phrase, ‘kingdom of God’ had become more or less shorthand for the early Christian movement, its way of life and its raison-d’etre.  And despite the attempts of some to suggest that this kingdom of God meant for the early Christians a new personal or spiritual experience, rather than a Jewish-style movement designed to establish the rule of God in the world, all the actual evidence we have… indicates that if Jesus’ movement was a counter-Temple movement, early Christianity was a counter-empire movement.”
  • p.46, “Our task is to announce in deed and word that the exile is over, to enact the symbols that speak of healing and forgiveness… Your task is to find the symbolic ways of doing things differently, planting flags in hostile soil, setting up signposts that day there is a different way to be human. And when people are puzzled at what you are doing, find ways – fresh ways – of telling the story of the return of the human race from its exile, and use those stories as your explanation.”
  • p.49, “There is a danger in Christians supposing that they simply have to be flaky, awkward, against the government all the time, continually doing things upside down and inside out. Some people of course seem to be born that way and use the gospel imperative as an excuse for foisting their own cussedness or arrogance on everyone else”

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