McLaren, The Dust off their Feet

part of a series of blog posts on commentaries that I used when preaching through the book of Acts @The Grove between Easter 2010 and 2011…

The Voice is a whole series of books that are a new look at Scripture and an attempt to translate them in a fresh way for today’s readers.  It isn’t an academic translation at all, but it brings a good spirit to ancient words.  The whole series is given vision by Chris Seay who is a pastor (I think in Houston?).  This particular edition on the book of Acts is written by Brian McLaren.  McLaren was a pastor in D.C., but now writes, teaches and speaks internationally.

The book itself is a retelling of the Acts of the Apostles, followed by several essays by different authors which focus on themes found in the book of Acts.  For the actual text of Scripture, McLaren writes the book like it is a script for a play.  This is such a fresh understanding and makes it so much fun to read.

To be sure, I love this book and this rewriting of the Scripture.  I would say everyone who is interested int he book of Acts should check it out and see what new insights they are given into the Scriptures.


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