Fernando, Acts: NIV Application Commentary

part of a series of blog posts on commentaries that I used when preaching through the book of Acts @The Grove between Easter 2010 and 2011…

I have appreciated the NIV application series for a long time.  They have put together a concise commentary that is historically informed yet modern in application.  The whole series is set up section by section with the passage’s original meaning, a bridging of contexts and contemporary significance.  It is deeper than entry level commentary, yet very accessible  for all education levels.

In the series, each book has a commentary from a different author.  For Acts, Ajith Fernando was selected.  He studied at Asbury and Fuller and is now teaching at a couple different institutions.  What is really interesting is his international experience (in Sri Lanka) and the way that it informs his understanding of the book of Acts.  Since Acts is a book about international mission, Fernando gives unique insight into this theme.


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