Play-Off Picks

This is looking like it is going to be an outstanding year for the NBA Playoffs, starting this weekend.  Almost every team has a viable chance at winning it all.  There are great teams that are struggling into the post season and young teams that are on hot streaks.  This weekend kicks it all off and here are my picks!


ATL vs. ORL: Orlando will destroy Atlanta.  The hawks might squeak out a single win, but this series is over before it starts.

BOS vs. NYK: Same deal, except New York will put up a better fight.  Boston will walk through this series.  If I were coach, I might even save Shaq until Boston had 3 games in their pocket.

PHI vs. MIA:  Again, this series is just for the ticket revenue.  Philadelphia might not even know the series has started and it will be over.

IND vs. CHI: Indiana still has a team?  This series will only be an encore of Rose’s  MVP season.

2nd Round:

CHI vs. ORL: This series will show how the skilled Rose is better than the athletic Howard.  Skills beats athletic ability in every playoff series.  Chicago wins.

BOS vs. MIA: This will be the most superstar filled series in the history of the NBA.  Two mega teams with multiple superstars.  The only problem is one set of superstars is a decade older than the other, and they traded their young center away 6 months too early.

Conference Finals:

CHI vs. MIA: This will be the end of the road for young Chicago, only because Miami has started to play with some passion in the last couple weeks of the year and Boston will bully them which will make them enter this series with a chip on their shoulder.


MEM vs. SAS: San Antonio will eliminate Memphis without even trying.  They may not even take their starters on the road games.

NOH vs. LAL: The Lakers will also have a first round series that they can use to try out new plays and give their bench some run.  Some teams rest in the last weeks of the season, the Lakers and the Spurs will be able to in the first round of the playoffs.

POR vs. DAL: I’m calling a Portland victory.  They are hot and the Mavericks choke all the time.  Another first round loss and then Cuban will bring in scabs during the lock-out that will play even better!

DEN vs. OKC: This will be a great series, but it will be like watching two great college teams.  Fun to watch, but at the end of the day, who cares who wins this one.  The Thunder will win in the end, because of the stellar trade work in bringing Perkins on board.

2nd Round:

OKC vs. SAS: This match up will show us what happens when a college team gets to play an actual NBA team.  Thunder will win a couple, but won’t be able to match the experience of the Spurs.

POR vs. LAL: The last week of the regular season determined the results of this series.  With Bynum hurt it will be up to Kobe to carry the Lakers through this one, which he will need Artest to beat up the Blazers in order to be successful.  Problem is, the Blazers picked up Gerald Wallace, who is not afraid of Artest’s nutjob persona.  Short of Artest starting a fist fight in this series, the Blazers will pull this off.  Everyone in Portland will buy lottery tickets the next day.  Plus, Greg Oden will return for game 7 of this series, just in time to D-up on Tim Duncan in the Conference Finals.

Conference Finals:

SAS vs. POR: And it was a nice run for the Blazers.  While they may have a lot of confidence after beating the Lake Show, confidence just won’t help you beat the Spurs.  The NBA’s most boring team will once again march straight into the finals.


SAS vs. MIA: Like I said on opening day, this year is the first of Miami’s championships.  Tim Duncan will score 50 a game because Bosh likes to chill out instead of playing defense, but the Spurs will have no answer for Lebron and Wade.  Even though Lebron may freeze up like he did last year in Cleveland, Wade is a spotlight star and will carry them to the win!


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