Lencioni, Death by Meeting

I have a reputation for being awesome at meetings.  I am awesome at paying attention to irrelevant drivel.  I vote with the majority with the best of them.  I read reports and then pay attention when someone else reads them out loud like it’s an Olympic event.

I also have a reputation for lying about how much I love meetings.

Which is why I love this little book by Patrick Lencioni.  Being a leader means I do loads of meetings.  I do all sorts of different kinds of meetings with all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons.  What Lencioni does in this book is give an example of a meeting strategy which will increase organizationaly communication, morale and effectiveness.

The first 200 pages of the book is a story that illustrates how the meeting strategy works and the way it can be implemented.  Then there is some practical theory and ways to implement the strategy in the final 60 pages.  You would think it makes for 200 wasted pages, but it is actually an effective way to illustrate what Lencioni is trying to do.  It is also extremely easy to read through the book.

The book also hooks the reader up with some sweet online resources, so that your organization can get it going in the right direction quickly.  If you are a leader that does meetings, this could be a helpful book for you.  However, if you have to go to a lot of meetings as a participant and your leader leads sucky meetings – don’t read this book.  It will frustrate you to see how effective meetings could be!


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