What I Learned in February 2011

This is a late post by a full week, but it’s a fun way to review my month, and remember some lessons I learned.  So, here’s what I learned in February:

  • It’s colder than you think it is.
  • Black Eyed Peas are awesome to everyone except people who think folk music is legitimate (which it is only in a socialist system, in capitalism whoever sells the most contributes the most).
  • On a similar note, it’s much cheaper to get tickets to unpopular bands than to Taylor Swift.  There should be free health care included with her concerts.
  • It’s easier to win basketball games when you put the ball through the hoop thingy.
  • If you want to go on Jeopardy you have to watch musicals.
  • Just because you know one dance doesn’t mean you know all the dances.
  • Driving on ice is dangerous…mostly because of the nut jobs who think spinning your wheels is helpful.
  • Carry chains, you’ll thank me later.

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