Hodges, Jesus: An Interview Across Time

My friend Josh lent me this book by Andrew Hodges, who is a psychiatrist and an author.  The premise is an imagined conversation between a psychiatrist and Jesus, talking about the various experiences and development that Jesus experienced upon his incarnation and life.

It’s actually a really interesting read.  I find it helpful to read about what other people may have thought Jesus was like as a person and how he may have processed the life that he lived.  For the most part, people tend to imagine that Jesus was just like them – that he would be angered by similar things and joyful about similar things.  When you ask someone point blank what Jesus was like, they tend to reflect on the traits of Jesus that they share.  This is why I tend to talk about and admire the strong, passionate, thoughtful, and opinionated aspects of Jesus.  I don’t think I’ve ever been excited about Jesus being our shepherd, healer or great high preist – I’m too excited about Jesus being our king, savior and lord!

All that to say, Hodges book is good – and a good experience.  One warning, it’s 400 pages long.  That’s intense.  I spent quite a bit of time skimming.  It’s probably a book best read in small bits and digested slowly.


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