Bell, Drops Like Stars

One of the things I love about Rob Bell is the way he’s pushing theological thinking and pushing the medium as well.  He’s been a part of a church plant, then developed the Nooma series and has done speaking tours with his work also.  He pushes mediums forward as he pushes theology forward, both of which complement each other.

So, his most recent book, Drops Like Stars, Bell has put out less content with more art.  This hasn’t diminished the impact of the work, though.  The book takes about 30 minutes to read, and when you walk away you feel a trippy mix of sorrow and joy.  Drops Like Stars is about suffering in our lives, and the what that creates.

The book doesn’t lend itself to quotes, it more has to be experienced as a whole.  I’d totally pick this up if I were you, I think a soft cover version just came out, but that’s like listening to an mp3, when you could have enjoyed the vinyl.


One thought on “Bell, Drops Like Stars

  1. Could I borrow the book sometime? And the Everything is Spiritual tour, and maybe Bro. Pierre’s story? The latter two are things I’ve been wanting to show some friends here for a while now.


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