Things I learned in January 2011

I feel like all my blog posts are bookk reviews.  HOW BORING!  Does anybody acutally read those?  (I like to have a record because I can search my blog later for key ideas and connect those ideas into bigger and more dangerous ideas!).  So, this is now my effort to be more creative.  If ind when my stress is high, I blog less.  When I am busy, I blog less.  So, maybe if I blog more, I’ll be less stressed and busy?  It’s a dream, but whatever.

So, here (in Larry King style) is what I learned in January of 2011:

  • A 50 pages a day reading schedule is too much for me.  Especially with some boring books.  I don’t know why I put myself through some of the junk I read.  So, I’m going to just 40 pages in February with Sundays off reading.
  • Khobi has a vicious hammer punch, don’t let her take your back.
  • 3am is a perfect ending time for a New Year’s party.
  • filing cabinets are surprisingly costly.  Why haven’t more people gotten into the filing cabinet business?
  • The Grove has thousands of people serving on it’s first impressions team.  Thousands.  Or they just move around a lot and it seems like thousands.  And if it’s raining, they bring an umbrella to your car and rain doesn’t get on my glasses – it’s awesome!
  • The gospel is as deep as it gets.  When people say they want ‘something deeper’, they should start with the gospel.
  • Families are forever.
  • I am the third best guitar player in my house.  Soon to be fourth.
  • The suit I bought in 2003 still fits like a glove.  Like a childrens glove.
  • Mistakes are normal.  What you do with mistakes shows character.
  • Focus on the Family has a Father-of-the-Year award.  I’m going for it in 2011.  I started by giving the kids ice-cream sandwiches for breakfast.
  • There is live bluegrass music in Peedee.
  • If you don’t pay attention, your son will bust you at battleship.
  • If you throw a large brick in a washing machine, it will basically explode
  • Leadership is a gift that God gives – not just talent-wise, but also opportunity-wise.
  • Pellet stoves are great, but no one yet has developed an engine for one that runs off a wind turbine placed in the chimney.  That would be a self-sustaining power generator, a miniature coal plant in your living room!

One thought on “Things I learned in January 2011

  1. Yes, I read most of them.
    Does the washing machine explode or does the brick explode? How did you discover this? Was it a one-time experience, or an on-going phenomenon? Did (does) your disposition to a holiness lifestyle have any influence on your response to this phenomenon? Did not know you were working toward receiving Focus on the Family’s coveted award.
    blessing on Khobi…she’ll need that punch someday!!


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