Postmodern and Wesleyan

I have been having a bunch of conversations with fellow pastors about holiness theology and its interaction in a postmodern world, so when I saw this book on Amazon, I picked it up. I had pretty high expectations, but perhaps too high. It has editors from the Nazarenes and chapters written by various authors.  Then, Leonard Sweet writes up conclusions to each section.  These are good, but no new themes emerge.

What I really didn’t like was that there was no indication as to who these various authors were.  They just gave titles for their chapter and a name – no frame of reference or anything.  Do they think I’m going to google each one of these people?  It felt like the Nazarenes had written an in house book and I had stumbled into a private conversation by reading it.

I wouldn’t suggest anyone outside of that conversation spend time with this book. And if you really want to read it, let me know, you can have my copy.


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