Taylor, Principles of Pastoral Success

Richard Taylor is a Wesleyan/Holiness author that I have read, so when I saw his book, Principles of Pastoral Success on a book giveaway table, I picked it up.

It was written in 1989, and had lots of cultural references, so it was a load of fun to read.  There’s just so much being published from a calvinist/reformed viewpoint that I’ll grab at anything with a wesleyan slant.

Here’s some noteworthy quotes:

  • p.10, “This book is designed to help pastors in their own private war on mediocrity.”
  • p. 20, “approximately 89% of Protestant churches in North America have an average Sunday morning attendance of 225 or less” (1989)
  • p.26, on the intensity of the pastor, “His enthusiasm for the ministry is so strong and steady that he feels no need to find secondary excitements to make life interesting…This intensity should not be confused with tension.  Pastors may be intense without being uptight.”

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