Sweet and Viola, Jesus Manifesto

I got a free preview copy of Len Sweet and Frank Viola’s Jesus Manifesto in the mail the other day.  I read it all over the weekend and really appreciated it.  They are trying to offer a Christianity that is focused on Christ – rather than anything else like politics, religious preferences, fads, causes or cirriculums.

They do a great job at presenting their case, although they sometimes take some cheap shots at popular Christian books/fads – even though they were right; it just seemed like they were taking shots that were far to easy.  I totally was encouraged by this book and recommend it as a great look at the faith and a call to return to Christlikeness.

Here’s some material that stuck out to me:

p.6, there is a comparison of Christ to the creation of the world in Genesis 1.  It’s really remarkable.

p.19, “So what is your chief occupation in life and ministry?  Here’s a hint: Whatever you are occupied with comes out of your mouth.  It’s what you talk about most of the time.”

p.56, “behold the beauty of My Son and fall in love with Him.  This is the mission to which you have been called.”

p.65 contains a paragraph on entire sanctification.  It’s interesting for our way of thinking theologically.


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