Lake, reUnderstanding Prayer

Kyle Lake was the pastor of University Baptist, whose claim to fame is being the home of David Crowder Band.  Tragically, he died a few years ago during a baptism at their church.  It’s one of those stories you hear and just cannot process in any of your existing categories.

This book is a deconstruction of prayer and the methods of prayer commonly found in the western church.  Unfortunately, I find that once it’s deconstructed, it’s merely replaced with an eastern culture of prayer.  This is really attractive in emerging circles.  Heck, I love eastern prayer methods; they’ve been very meaningful for me. I do wish, however, that we’d be able to see the emerging of a new way of prayer, one that is influenced by the deconstruction of former ways, that is culturally helpful for the emerging generation.

This book is probably best for a young adult audience, who is just entering that age and spiritual level where they begin to question cultural assumptions.  For me, it wasn’t life altering, but I could see it being just so for someone who is just entering the postmodernity and Christianity conversation.


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