20QL.7 Communicating Core Values

How do you or others leaders in your organization communicate the “core values”?

At the Grove we currently are working with two kinds of core values.  To launch we had our Big 10 Motivators, which are available on The Grove Homepage.  They gave us a little direction as we began.  We also used them to let people know what The Grove will be like, before we were doing anything open and official.  Since The Grove began, we’ve really found 3 core values in our Missional Mandate: live for Jesus, love our city and see lives transformed.

I communicate these from the pulpit at least once a month, I probably touch on them at least every other week.  For us, this is what we are about: Jesus, Albany, Holiness!  It’s hard to find much about us that doesn’t fit into these core values.

Other staff communicate on Sundays and, sometimes I’ve even seen them communicate them unconsciously in normal conversation.  Our values are working their way into our DNA, so this is an area we’ll continue to be watching and seeing how we move forward with Jesus.


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