Stetzer, Lost and Found

Ed Stetzer works for Lifeway’s research division and is a missional/church planting version of the Barna Group.  His books and blog are extremely helpful to me.  I totally appreciate his work on a weekly basis.  I think I got this book as a review copy for free – but it was so long ago, I’m not certain any longer.

I began this book last summer in preparation for a teaching I gave with John Breitmeier at our denomination’s regional conference.  We spoke on the transitions in generational leadership – the opportunities and the struggles that the church will be (is) faced with.  I finished the book this year, almost a full year later!  It’s useful, but not meant to be particularly inspirational.  It highlights some relevant statistics and then gives a listing of examples of churches that are effectively reaching the younger unchurched.  So, the book lives up to it’s title, but it’s not meant to be particularly inspirational.

I’d recommend this book to pastors who want to understand current culture and begin to develop ways that may reach the younger unchurched in their area.  Normally I put a few take-aways down, but it’s not really applicable for this book, my take-aways would look like an encyclopedia of baseball…boring!


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