20QL.6 Mission, Values, Vision

Which is most important for your organization – mission, core values or vision?

I don’t particularly like this question, of the 20 questions on leadership I’m doing this one seems to miss.  I think the question wants to reveal something else.  To elaborate, the mission, core values and vision all serve the church in different ways.  The mission drives us, the core values guide us and the vision gives us hope.  What I suspect, is that the question really wants to ask is which of these is most sacred – the least likely to change.

To that end, I think in a church the mission, values and vision are not created, they are discovered through the Scriptures, prayer and Jesus.  So, even if churches have different expressions of the mission, values and vision, when we take away the cultural context (like that’s possible!), it should all be the same.

So I wouldn’t be able to say that one of these is more important than the others, and none is more sacred than the others.  In fact, I’d say none of these are sacred – Jesus is, beyond him, his teaching and his life, there’s lots of wiggle room for churches to express themselves in meaningful ways.


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