20QL.4 Spread Creativity

How do you encourage creative thinking within your organization?

For this question, I’m simply going to bullet point some thoughts:

  • model creative thinking
  • encourage scheduled creative thinking times
  • schedule creative thinking sessions with leaders
  • present problems to leaders for creative solution finding
  • resource leaders for creativity
  • encourage health and fitness
  • develop trust among key leaders
  • exposure to new thoughts, new technologies, new patterns, new discoveries
  • listen to music, watch movies, read fiction books
  • read.  like a crazy person.
  • be discerning on casual media input.  don’t waste time on media that doesn’t push culturally or develop relationships
  • draw pictures of ideas.
  • extreme multi-tasking (i.e. opening multiple browsers, watching a movie, listening to music, texting, in a public space)

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