Kelly Kennedy, They Fought for Each Other

Kennedy was a reported embedded with a company in the Iraq war, Charlie Company 1-26.  This book is a compilation of their long tour in the city of Adhamiya as they suffered immeasurable loss serving their country and the people of Iraq so honorably.

I borrowed this book from a friend whose son was in Alpha company, and is also mentioned in the book.  Needless to say, when the stories are about people you know and care about, it puts a whole different feel to it.

The big thing I think this book does for me is give me even more compassion and empathy for the young men and women who are trying so hard to help in a situation where winning is basically impossible.  I can’t even imagine trying to build relationships with a community knowing full well that some people  in the community are very bad bad guys – and not being able to get them until after they’ve struck first.

We’ve gotten our troops into a heck of a mess in the middle east, I’m praying for peace and for hope to emerge in a place where it seems hard to come by.


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