Morgan and Stevens, Simply Strategic Volunteers

This little book by Tim Stevens and Tony Morgan is super-packed with tips and guides to help pastors and volunteers maximize their impact for the church and for the gospel.  It seems like there was something helpful on every page, and they don’t go into super detail, keeping it moving along.  This makes it an easy read and a great book to share.  Much of it you may already know, but there’s enough in here that it will be helpful.

Here’s some take-aways:

  1. The dirty work is the work.  Leaders who want to live in crystal palaces aren’t leaders.
  2. It’s so easy to encourage people.  So encourage people.
  3. Ministries must work together – sharing resources and people according to the mission.
  4. The best work must go into the most important ministries.  That means the youth ministry logo can’t be super-pimp while the church logo is clip-art.  Even if the youth  minister is great at marketing, those skills must be leveraged for the whole church, or the church will go into silo mode.
  5. Know the difference between leaders and doers.  Not that one is better than the other, but when each one tries to do the other, people in the system get frustrated.  So, let those who love being doers, do and let those who have leadership gifts, lead.
  6. Never give up.  Ever.  The work of the church is too important to give up.  So leaders, take care of yourselves so you don’t have to quit.

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